Steve is a business management consultant who has done work in strategy, operations, design thinking, software development, and analytics for federal, non-profit, and for-profit clients.


Steve graduated from the Catholic University of America with a degree in economics and has since worked with Accenture, a top 5 global consulting firm; been a board member and strategist for Rayse Academies, a multi-national educational non-profit; and a fitness and health practitioner both in private practice and with one of the industry’s most highly recognized brands, Equinox.


His consulting work in the federal space has included change management, communications, and software development.  His work with Rayse Academies has involved strategy and development of infrastructure for growth, as well as curricular development.


His consulting work with for-profit clients has involved sales and analytics for clients in the life sciences and medical industry.  Some of his work during this time included projects to develop a genomics sequencing application, create intelligent predictive patient readmission modeling, and perform pilot programs for observing and analyzing the effects of non-clinical measures on the improvement of the health of heart failure patients.


The most cutting edge and up-to-date western science, traditional eastern exercise and energetics, meditation and mindfulness, and more to a create holistic and robust understanding of health and wellness.  This well-rounded understanding and approach Steve’s experience and philosophy within health and fitness involvesmakes him uniquely positioned to be an efficient player in upsetting the industry in an impactful way, in the benefits seen both by the clients he works with, as well as the end customers.


Intrinsic to anything that can be healthy, whether that’s a person, a business, or an economy.  By knowing what things are important to focus on and what His understanding of the universal concepts of health areare not, the greatest impact can be achieved with the smallest amount of effort and resources. When it comes to Fitter CG, that greatest impact is a healthy and vibrant business.

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