Over the last fifteen years, Kevin has dedicated his life to mastering the field of exercise science. ​It began with earning his degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland and migrating to Washington D.C. to become a personal trainer for a leading fitness club brand (The Sports Club/LA). This opportunity led Kevin to more education, including the prestigious Certification of Strength and Conditioning Specialists, as well as many other industry-leading credentials. 

Education is only one piece of the puzzle though, and Kevin knew that as he hammered away at his craft. Over the course of his career he has performed nearly twenty-thousand training sessions, ​three-three thousand group exercise classes, and spent hundreds of hours teaching lectures to newer trainers as one of Equinox's leading Master Instructors. This experience is what sets Kevin a part from others in his field. He has seen it all, taught it all, and found out what works and what doesn't. 

In his time as a leader with the Equinox brand, Kevin has directly impacted and driven the career growth of some of the company's most profitable trainers, created multiple group fitness concepts that have been adopted by the brand, and has contributed directly to the education platform known as the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. His study of "flow" state has driven him to create the single most successful group exercise experience the company has to offer. His understanding of the human brain and our deepest desires guide him in creating atmospheres that make people move. 

His career as a fitness professional expands well beyond the walls of health clubs too. Kevin has twice been named a Men's Health Magazine Next Top Trainer. This accolade was only given out to eight people each year and was done so in the name of "moving the fitness industry forward with science and personality". The Washington Post once named Kevin "the Future of Fitness" in a profile on his career. This accolades motivated Kevin to develop even more and he has since released two digital books, written hundreds of articles for top fitness sites like Men's Health, and spoken at numerous health and fitness conferences. 


Kevin has also co-developed an application and web-service for personal trainers that streamlines the education process and makes career growth accessible to any trainer who wants to learn. This service, The Daily Trainer, offers everything from daily tips for the trainer to consider to biomechanical breakdowns of critical exercises. This has generated books on both topics and a platform for building in courses that can teach specific education to specific brands.  

Known for his energy, Kevin does everything he says "yes" to with a level of absolute commitment that most only contemplate. He is just a wide-eyed kid at heart who grew up in a military family, in a small town, in a way that fits the typical American narrative. No matter how much success Kevin has had he has never lost his drive to do more, be more, and impact the world in a greater way. He is a blue-collar heart with white-collar education. He has the imagination of a child with the realistic outlook and resources of a seasoned professional. 

Kevin has come to FITTER consulting group ready to develop winning concepts and brands that stand the test of time, deliver reliable profits, and change the industry. He also aims to create and improve operations for fitness brands to better reward personal trainers who excel. Loyal fitness professionals create loyal customers who act as the primary marketers and brand agents for any fitness company. 

When you choose FITTER Consulting group for your brand you ​​are choosing Kevin. You are deciding that you deserve to have an industry insider, an industry name, and a industry leader on your side. Let's get your project off the ground and let's change the fitness industry together. Your vision is our work. 

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