Education is one of the long-term success factors for fitness businesses. Exercise science is young and in continuing evolution. The fitness industry evolves as a result of findings. Our backgrounds in exercise science, including the training of dozens of trainers in the United States, will be used to build a sustainable system that will keep your business evolving with the science that drives this industry forward. 

A fitness brand is only as good as its instructors. The trainers are the conduit for your companies vision to reach the consumers. Their personalities draw people in, their energy keeps them there, but it is their knowledge base that delivers results and results deliver you sustainable fitness. 

For far too long there has been a fear in the industry that if "you give customers results they won't need you anymore". This is false. Deliver results and your customers will never leave - they see you, and your brand, and the professionals who work for you as the ones they need. 

FITTER consulting focuses on:

Training and education program development

Exercise science education (including continuous education)

Service and hospitality standards education

Sales training

Innovation workshops

Digital content creation

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