Corporate wellness improves productivity, employee satisfaction and an organization's reputation. Most programs, however, are ignored and underutilized because of a lack of engagement. 


At FITTER, we create simple, engaging, results-driven, holistic corporate wellness programs. We have worked with corporations as well as with their individual employees for 15 years. We start by acknowledging diversity within each organization, identifying where each individual is based on scientifically-proven behavioral change categories, and create strategies that will meet each person where they are. 


Our holistic approach includes areas such as:


- Fitness

- Nutrition

- Mindfulness

- Stress management

- Resilience building

- Preventive healthcare strategies


Employee stratification

We listen to employees and then categorize team members according to where they are.

Content development

We create and distribute engaging content, in the right channels.

Individualized coaching

Exercise, nutrition, recovery and mindfulness. 

Specific strategies

Coaching strategies are different depending on where employees are.


Engaging experiences that change lives.

Measurement & evaluation

We track engagement and results for company and employees.

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